How an Effective Leader can manage the Changes Implementing this new Technology

Monday, February 22, 2010

A manager can be successful implementing new changes when his/her has a vision where is going to.  I believe this manager needs to create a map of the all project. I think to able to do that a manager needs to plan ahead.  To plan is a difficult task because one the major inconsistency is, if do not know what is going to happened.  There are always eventualities, simple problems, with the appropriate environment, can be converted into disaster.  A manager need to able to track any aspect of his/her project.  Tracking and analyzing results can make to re-prioritize the overall of you daily decisions.  It is important to keep a record for every problem and what was the resolution.  This method can help to identify issues with similar features; that does not meaning that every similar problem with carry same solution; but create a mental image how issues can be addressed.

 It is crucial to utilize a technique of divide to conquer, which this approach his/her can focus all the attention to one problem at the time.  It is obvious that, in real life, that never happened, because multiples issues could resurface at the same time; however the focus is to address one at time, put all effort into to find the solution to the first one.  When this solution is feasible, upgrade it status and pass to the next issues in line.  Another used of this technique is assign to small groups task that do not have relation each other, but can carry enormous weight on the project.

 A manager has to keep a positive mind.  When a new project start, a new level of stress will arrive to the group; dealing with new servers, configurations, training and waiting for the personnel to assimilate those new concepts, making sure that every requirement is in place and be between the boundaries of the budget, can create a stressful place.  This manager needs to keep his/her cool mind and move the project one step at time to reach the main goal.
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