E-Marketing Technologies

Monday, March 29, 2010

E-Marketing Technologies    

This plan will focus its main attention on a manufacture lightning company and the model selected that applies directly to the business plan is the “Manufacture model”. Although the method used to do business does not follow the traditional model manufacturer-consumer; before the product reaches the consumer they have a middle man or intermediary call “Agency”.  Agencies have a direct contact with customer and their orders come through them based on a commission partnership. In my opinion my company needs to change the strategy and approach more directly the customer; this does not mean to abandon the current business model; but create an agency that could offer products directly to customers on the internet; anyone could buy products without a third party arbitrating what is best for the customer, because at the end the Agencies are working for a commission not because they have a real interest in solving customer problems. “The Internet provides consumers with an opportunity to search more thoroughly and at virtually no cost, which can be provided by a third party bypassing traditional suppliers and retailers”. (Roger Darby, James Jones, & Ghada Al Madani, p. 106, 2003).   In a longer term this approach of having a direct contact with the customer will facilitate bringing the revenue up, because there is not a commission to pay.  With the additional funds the company could develop new products and distribute more dividends to stock holders.  Another gain should be the knowledge obtained to deal directly with customers. Knowing your customer needs is primordial to design models that meet those requirements; a continuous contact with them helps improve the channel of communications and to create a method to re-evaluate the daily relationship.

Banners Ads

The company, through one the many web sites, presented the latest technology in form of banner ads.  The images change every 5 seconds showing general solutions; but the ads do not represent a real material for marketing offer; those pictures are only informational, do not sell anything.  However if the web site is design in a precise format that allow to display banner ads without any obstruction of the real content intended for, then the banner could represent a strong way to market new products for the company.  It is important to show to the customer that the company is wrapped in an innovation cycle, which is working to brings new products and is behind of edge technologies, complying government standard and eco-friendly.  The banners ads are a discrete way to exhibit products while the customer is using the web site; this quiet format of promotion work in the unconscious mind, and with time, makes the customer familiarize with the new product. In other words, “the banner advertisement may yet have a role in terms of other marketing objectives, e.g. building brand awareness”, (Roger Darby, James Jones, & Ghada Al Madani, p. 106, 2003).  It is essential to not create monotony with the banner, the company needs to create multiples banners that can display different aspects of the product; if the banner is boring and repetitive could portrait the company as if they do not have creativity and innovative spirit; maybe for that reason it is really imperative a well define campaign plan to display banners ads.

Search Engines

Search engines play a crucial role on finding the product at the right price.  They offer a free service for customer, but not for companies.  The company needs to apart a small sum of the budget to appear in the results of search engines.  It is an easy way to promote products and to make others aware that the company exists in the market they compete in.  The Net is the vehicle for excellence to deliver products, prices and promotion to the search results, because companies can manipulate the search header to attract customer to their site; the header does not need to be misleading, but could carry to level of marketing or discount at the moment of reaching the users.  It is difficult for some companies to stay in the first results or on the right part of the page, is not a the privilege to appear in that position, companies have to pay, because every customer click costs money to the company and an excellent method for the competition to click and click, and charge the adversary company for users that never are going to visit their site.

Email Newsletters

This email formatting represent an indirect contact to company’s users, if the customers not opt-out to this service could be a competent method to communicate with users.  It can inform what the company is doing to keep business on the correct track and promote new services and products, mention discounts for members that are subscribes to the newsletters, etc.  It is an excellent way to notify their customers of how important they are, and to thank them for their business; this could also include a survey with areas of improvement with rewards [like music downloads, baseball hat, sport shirt, gift cards, etc]; but those rewards needs to be managed in a proper way, rules have to be clear and a strict control has to be in place to ensure that every customer could received an small piece of marketing through the rewards of the program. The newsletters should be written in a good language that represent company philosophy and delimiter the number of discount or marketing material; because if the customer perceives that this is a tool to persuade  them to buy more, they could easily unsubscribe and terminate the communion that otherwise could bring more business to the company.


Pop-ups should only be used if the company has something extraordinary to offer to the customer.  Another alternative is to display it when the customer is signing out or possibly in the background; nevertheless, the system needs to be designed with the option to deactivate it if the customer does not want the functionality. 


Marketing technology thorough the Net represents a different method to approach customers.  It is imperative for companies to keep an open eye about the alternatives to use, because it offers a low cost way to sell products and make aware of company’s existence on the internet. The utilization of several techniques like banner ads, search engines, pop-ups and email newsletters create a vast environment of possibilities and they need to be tested and evaluated to prove effective.  It is important to maintain vigilant of new ways to promote company business, because small changes such as belonging to a social network could bring more commerce to the company.

Roger Darby, James Jones, & Ghada Al Madani. (2003). E-commerce marketing: Fad or fiction? Management competency in mastering emerging technology. An international case analysis in the UAE. Logistics Information Management, 16(2), 106-113.  Retrieved March 27, 2010, from ABI/INFORM Global. (Document ID: 328784701).