Your eyes intertwined with mine in a soft gaze

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Your eyes intertwined with mine in a soft gaze, and at that moment they captured my soul. I knew they were magical, and that they emitted an enchanting light that blunted my instincts and made me a puppet without free will. I imagined I was a yellow butterfly that danced hypnotized around the light of a gas lamp, circling like mad, wanting to draw near to the light but the transparent glass prevented my approach. From that time I wanted to be near you, without it mattering to me that, more than just a flame, it could be an inferno that would burn my wings; I just wanted to be close, very close to your lips. Oh! How I want to bite those full lips of yours, that expression of freshness that is reflected when, inadvertently, you savor yourself, sliding your tongue along those contours that make my hunger grow without limits or comfort. Oh! How I think about you all the time.

Returning to your magical eyes, I wonder what is hiding inside, because when I look at you my heart stops beating and my hands do not know where to hide and wander madly inside my pockets; of course they themselves do not know they are already hidden, protected from your eyes. I will tell you that although I know your name, when I have you near I forget about it; and if you stare at me, my thinking clouds — it travels to a distant island where the blue of the sky adjoins the sea, and colorful trees become entangled with your hair; and I, in that ethereal place, take hold of your waist, semi-naked ... and without understanding why, I return to reality, and I find again that all my life was an illusion and that a look from you still empties my desires, leaving me helpless, mute from the expressions of my soul.

And without knowing why, my voice cracks and I tell you with a childlike voice: hello. You smile at me with that look of the ancient spell you carry within you, destroying my instincts; and you continue to move away from me in the distance, and you do not even realize that I love you more forcefully than a hurricane that lays waste to the tropics of the soul.