Waiting is all I have left;

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Waiting is all I have left; I will never know what is the perfect moment to entrap your dreams in a white handkerchief and shout I love you. Waiting is not an option, but rather a sparse punishment, a celestial impotence ... that stops before my door and paralyzes my body.
Allowing the time to pass, allowing your sighs to become tangled with your hair and to write down your story on a transparent paper is to create a pause in the silence; it is to want to be around you, but no, the waiting grows, stretches into the distance, and is lost among the unattainable waves of the infinite.
That is why I express to you that when I see you close by, an unusual fear becomes entangled in my chest, and without knowing why, stops when your eyes touch me with their glance. Oh! Your eyes! They are a maze of crystalline waters running through my soul, drowning my intention not to be brave when I am near you.
And I reiterate again to you that if I wait, it is because I cannot ... I cannot find the bravery to hold your gaze, not even the courage to feel your breath and yell to you with a lonely voice, I love you. Because this fear that overflows my soul finds no refuge anywhere, and with each I love you that I confess my being dies, longing for you to be near; and perhaps ... one of your kisses will end this agony.